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Here there are a few task we are working on at the moment. Each task has one or more responsible who are entrusted to accomplish it; you can find their name and email address inside the brackets at the end of the task description. If you want to help us with one (or more) of these tasks, please contact the people who are working on it (or them).

Table of Contents

1. Website-related tasks
2. Documentation
3. Development

1. Website-related tasks

  • Port all the site to docbook-xml (Dario)

  • Investigate Norman Walsh's simplified docbook-xml for website (Simone)

  • Setup a search engine for the mailing list archives (Simone)

  • Update/add *-latest.tar.{bz2,gz} symlinks to all our projects in the ds6 FTP site (Mauro)

  • Investigate auto-generation of "Current Status of IPv6 Support in the Linux Kernel", trying to refactor Peter's page (Mauro)

  • Enable mirroring of ftp/ipv6calc directory from (Mauro and Simone)

  • Add autogeneration of ipv6calc homepage from SGML located in ipv6calc CVS/doc (Mauro and Simone)

2. Documentation

  • Translate Simone's "Using CVS" guide from italian to english (Simone)

  • Update Mauro's "La transizione ad IPv6" article and translate it to English (Mauro and Pierpaolo Bergamo)

  • Add a brief CVs (possibly with a small photo) of each of our members to the "about us" section (Mauro)

3. Development

  • Release example-ipv6 package, libds6, oftpd and spak6 (Mauro)

  • Start working on SSL support, logging and new slab-allocator based architecture for nc6 (Mauro)

  • Make RPMs for all of our projects (Mauro and Dario)

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